Hi, we’re Joana Adorino and Julz Anonuevo! Nope, this is not a fairy sweetly tale. This is a collaboration of two minds with aspiration and inspiration in spreading good vibes.

We’ve been together since 2008 and it’s always in our dream to pursue our deepest desire, that is — to inspire others!

Most of the times, we doubt ourselves on what way or means we can help, share dreams, share loneliness, share life’s offerings. Most of the times, we deny and overthink that it may be positive but may also cause negativity to those who won’t understand.

But we are saying NO!

This won’t stop us.

This won’t hinder our passion and the ability to inspire.

This won’t allow us to just leave without doing something different or with impact.

Making it short, this site will be overloaded with stuff covering, ONESELF MASTERY, PERSONAL FINANCE, RELATIONSHIP, and RECREATION. Everything will be an original composition abrupt from our hearts and experiences that we think will also help you.

Everything that will open up our hearts and live at our very best.

Shall there be any ideas you would like to share or collaborate, please let us know! It would be so great!

Holaa! Hope you’ll enjoy this site and help us share with someone.


See you always!

With Love,

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