“Graduation is only the start of the real world, of your independence, and all the life battles.”

Dear graduate,

Heeey! First of all, we would like to congratulate, and you’ve made this far! We know how hard studying is. All the hardships, the exams, the strict professors (sorry, but this is true! 😁), the late night reviews that sometimes you do until morning, the fear of failing or having “singko” in your not-so liked subject even you thought that you’ve already done everything, the sleepless nights, and maybe the “saktuhang baon” and to all the monetary needs that you finally surpassed! Today, amazingly you made it! We bet you probably had a heartfelt and an almost teary-filled face full of joy as the School representative called your name. 😁

And of course, congrats to your parents too or to whoever your support system is. Congrats because they never give up even sometimes, life becomes too hard. Congrats because when giving up was almost an option, they never did.

But now as you leave the school, the four-cornered room, your classmates, the canteen, your favorite spot on the ground, as you receive the diploma and the all-smile graduation photo, mind you, this is only the beginning.  The beginning of your independence, and all the life battles. And here are several takes that we would like to share:

Try to become independent. Now that you have a diploma and all the armors supported by your parents. It’s now time for you to become independent. We are not saying to never ask for help, but as much as possible try to become the better version of yourself. How it feels good to have your own money and spend on your expenses than asking somebody else, right? How it feels good to stand on your own and be a good influence to others. Be accountable enough, and for sure, the world will be just like you.

Give back. And by any chance, you found a job or you’re already making money, make sure to give back. There would be no “us” without “them”. Try to somehow give back to the people who helped you along the way. Giving back not necessarily means you need to give money. Giving back can mean helping others too. Giving back means supporting or finding simple things that you think others deserve like you were in the same situation.

It’s okay if you don’t like your course. Lucky are those who find what they want in life at an early stage. But lucky are those too who realize that they do not want what they have and still brave enough to leave the current and move on to next. We have different paths. Some of us got the course because it’s what our heart is screaming, but some didn’t because of their parents or other people influences them. So if you still wanted to pursue other things, go ahead. Push and make it happen. Remember that it’s never about the course nor the educational background. It is how you make yourself better and have a happy life.

It’s okay not to take the norm. Let your passion burns.  There are no more standards. The standards will all be depending to you. If you want to become an employee and follow a corporate ladder, then go ahead. But there are also times, that it’s not for all the people because we have differences in our mind, on our perceptions, priorities, and most of all, self-fulfillment. Not everyone is for employment, and that’s normal. You will fully understand it when you’re on the situation alone. If you’re happy about being part of a company,  go. If you want to become a freelancer or other job that still serves an income-generating, go. If you want to sell your service or your skill to others like writing, painting, dancing, go. If you want to put up a business and you think it is the best thing for you, then go. Don’t worry about what others think about you. Just let it be and explore. Just make sure to have a concrete plan.

Spend less; save more. The first money that will be landing your hand will be the best feeling ever! HAHA! But we know, that there is no permanent in this world including your income source, that money, that job, or anything you are having. So always think before you spend. Now that you will be handling your own money, be disciplined enough and create your budget. Make everything in balance. A simple formula that you can rely on is the Salary – Savings = Expenses. Do not apply the other way around or else you’ll end up bankrupt. YOLO is good but being broke isn’t. Make sure that you are spending and saving responsibly.

It’s okay to fail and fail once again. You will succeed, but there will come to the point that you will exceed your limits, and maybe in low. You may fail, and there would be no exemption. But remember that it is part of the game. It’s part of life. It’s part of growing up, and it’s part of those tiny little voices within you. And when this time comes, you can cry. You can be sad but never give up. Recognize it. Accept it and find ways to regain and pick up your little pieces. Nothing and no one in this world are perfect. Let your failures become your armor to another battle.

Enjoy life. There are times that you will get used on the daily routine, on the practices, on the job, and on the activities in pursuing your dreams. And there will also be times that you will almost forget yourself. On how to live, on how to enjoy, on how to celebrate your small wins. There will be times that you’ll get pressured and push toward to mend and achieve that goal but mind you, do not forget to enjoy life.  All of your goals or plans are important, but there will be nothing that matters except you, being happy. Have a rest once in a while, go to beach, do your hobbies, go home, have time with your family and loved ones. Life is short. Have a balanced life.

These are only a few. There are so much to mug up! And there will be so much advise that you’ll hear and no matter what your plan after graduation, make sure that you’ll accomplish your purpose to become the better version of yourself, a fulfilled, and have a  life with purpose. Goodluck!

P.S. The random pieces were based on our experiences that we would love to share, but it does not guarantee your plans in life.

Always remember, just go, live, and follow your heart! 💓

With love,

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