Wuhoo! Finally, after months of hectic preparation along with our normal days, our work, our different commitments, our wedding was beautifully successful.

Six days after the event, we are still on a high on everything that happened. We keep on watching and re-watching our Same Day Edit (SDE) video over and over again because we really felt that everything was so natural and everything was so us! We keep on reading the mad libs with fun-filled details by our guests. We keep on counting and checking out our gifts and we keep on reminiscing the details and every emotion.

That day was full of greatness and happiness that we really can’t contain.

That day will be one of the happiest that ever happened in our lives. 🙂

And even it was a union between the two of us, on the promises with each other, we dedicate our wedding to the Lord and to everyone who never give up and always believe on us.

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*We dedicate it to the Lord who taught us to trust the process. To trust His work even on the hard times, even on the hardest, even on the longest ride in our lives. Ten long years have never become easy for the two of us. We dedicate it to Him creating us to become a believer when everything and everyone else is in doubt.

* We dedicate it to the people who believe on us individually.

*We dedicate it to our parents (Nanay Rina & Tatay Hedeng/ Mama Olive and Papa Celso), grandparents (Nanay Belen and Tatay Eming/Lola Caring and Lolo Piping and to our late grandparents, Nanay Linda, Taydie, Lolo Adoy), and siblings who never argue nor dismayed us. To them who supports us along the way. To them who nurture our capabilities and always had their great advises. To them who didn’t judge, nor listens, and reminding us to respect each other and respect them as well.

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* We dedicate it to our Tito, Tita, cousins, who always teases us from the start. HAHA! To them who keeps on asking when will be the wedding day and promises their presence when that day comes. To them, who leave us with a notion that our wedding will be the sign of our happiness and theirs, too. We can’t thank enough when they are saying that they are very happy for the two of us and when they fully show how excited they were!

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*To our Principal Sponsors, Ninong and Ninang who came and bless us, and to those who send their well wishes, we will forever treasure it. It is our honor to be one of your inaanaks. We would love to be surrounded by great relationships.

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*To our friends, Ninong and Ninang’s during our baptism, who had their long bus ride and keep their words that they will be there. Even though we don’t have that long chitchats and kwentuhan, and even skip some photos, we were happy to know and see that you were on our special day.

*To our close friends who always give their comments during the preparation and much more excited, thank you so much!

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*To the whole entourage, our abays who’d we enjoyed much from practice (a day before the wedding) until end of the program and supported and made the SDE concept successful, and to our flower girls and boys who stay sweet, cute, and did not cry till the end. HAHA!

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*To the whole Vinzons Parish who assisted us on the process. To Ate Tabing and Sister Lerma who were there from the start and always make sure to stay still on our schedules, and Ate Gemma Pajarillo and team for our choir and letting the day more surreal.

*And we can’t thank enough Father Augusto Bautista Angeles, our Parish Church. We will never forget the homily and advises that were given to us. We will always keep this in mind as we go along the way. Our hearts are full of greatness and we felt that we were close friends providing a piece of advice. We promise to put this in our hearts and let your words empower us.

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The wedding day will never be good enough without our suppliers who perform and exceeded our expectations. During the preparation, we always keep in mind that what really matters is the day after the wedding day – the marriage, but that day let us realize that your wedding partners are always important and will even make your day fun, memorable, and even special.

*Affordable Invites Collection for our simple yet elegant invitation. Ms. Kat Hernandez, who never fail on all of our requests. Responded quickly even early morning and late nights. They let us feel how important we are to them.

*The Twin Entourage for our wedding gown and suit. For my simple peg and quick response too. My gown and Julian’s suit was made and tailored for just a week even we agreed on a two-week deadline.

*Ty Po Huat for our wedding ring. For our simple yet modern peg.

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*Print Your Design for printing our ballpens and mug souvenirs. They are quick too and even replaces one mug with incorrect name spelling. They also provided a free delivery direct to our apartment when they had a one day delayed due to technical problem on their machine.

*House of Canvass PH who never get tired on accepting our concepts even there are times that we became fickle-minded. And for the free pouch and “Here Comes the Bride” banner who made our entourage cuter.

*Sweet Sell for our cake. Ms. Sweetsell Aquino perfectly got our peg and even adjusted based on our budget. She also ensures that the cake won’t melt since we told her that there’ll be no refrigerator where the cake can be stored prior starting the program. They adjusted the delivery even they had to deliver twice in the same area.

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*Wiltan Hotel Daet, especially to Mam Sheryll who assisted us along the way and never get tired on answering our queries, responded via call and text real quick and also recommend another partner that can help us.

*Sir Mark Balane of Ka Bert’s Gallery who never forgot and keeps his advice to us on the food preparation and foresees possibilities.

*For our family, Ate Kaka and Kuya Ernie, and Kuya Boyet, for providing theirs as our bridal car.

*Kuya Obet and team, friends and the whole family for the food preparation and spending late night.

*Paolo’s Guesthouse for welcoming us on your transient. With the home and clean vibe.

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*Maria Fatima Resort for the beautiful preparation venue and feels like we’re on a different view.

*Weddings At Work for all the ideas and for a wonderful community easing our wedding preps.

*Michelle Obusan Events and Coordination for our On-the-Day coordination and her team who assisted us from the start of preparation and recommends good partners as well. We commend Ate Mitch generosity and kind gestures to us. To her HMUA team who lets us feel even more beautiful that day and hidden the bride’s blemishes (HAHAHA!). To her quick response when glitches came. To Ms. Mia Lopez who made the program lively and made an effort to know us more so, she can adjust and feel our day too.

And lastly…

*Mr. Jason Yarte and team for capturing all the moments from start to end. For accepting all our SDE concept and photo pegs. For letting us enjoy and made the photoshoot very light. For understanding that we are not artista’s and just let ourselves be. For the tutorials on how to be fine and made a good output. For never failing us with something that we will be treasuring for the rest of our lives!

P.S.: We can’t wait to see our wedding film too. HEHE!

P.S.2: We will never get tired of watching the SDE every day! HAHAHA!

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Overall, our wedding was not perfect. There are glitches, there are things that we forgot and were not able to do. We weren’t able to finish the AVP. We weren’t able to play the video by Lola Caring and Tita Loid. We forgot Nanay Belen’s message. Everyone did not stay the whole program. We missed thanking everyone during the event. We missed taking pictures with our best friends.

We forgot so much.

But this day will be a great reminder of how our family and everyone around us blessed and shower us with lots of love  and will always remind us to keep our marriage to the fullest and the reasons why we choose too.

From the deepest part of our heart, thank you so much!

P.S.3: Thank you for all your gifts! Rest assured that all home needs will be used and monetary gifts will serve as our savings fund. 😀

With love,

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Watch our Same Day Edit Here!

*This blog post is created so we will always be reminded on how happy we are to be united, on how we shall keep each other on the journey, on how we shall keep pushing to reach our capabilities to be a husband and wife, to remind us that our wedding was never the wedding day alone, the details, the event, thus, about our union with the Lord.

*This blog post is also the start of us, writing on a different perspective, on sharing our insights and experiences on a husband-wife point of view, that we think our friend and readers can relate and help too!

*This blog post is the start of our new journey.

Check out our next blog wedding series, next week!

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