I was hurt several times.

I was hurt without knowing that I was being hurt.

I was hurt that I was giving away so deeply, so gently.

I never knew and think I will be wounded because I thought I was sure with every detail, but it happened. And it just did.

And for those difficult days and nights, for all the tears and self-advice, all the doubts and repeated questions, I have learned so many things.

1. That I may trust people, but they may break me as well.  I learned that there’s a need to trust people or someone, but, I don’t have any means nor control over the things they may do or think. That people might break me as well no matter how hard I’ve worked for it. That, on the other hand, I shall enjoy those days or happenings, leave those lonely moments, and consider it as a wound – will always heal but forever impart a deep experience.

2. That I shall be strong and give myself enough. For so long, I gave so much. And because of this, I considered life is just giving me a lesson. If it didn’t happen, I would never realize that I have me. That I have dreams, that I am a woman of power, that I shall never be lost because I was never made to. That, I shall live partly on my own and serve my purpose.

3. That people are just people, and I need to forgive. For whatever reason it is, and how long I need to free up my heart and mind, the only choice I have is to forgive. Though all the hatred and anger flows within me, I know I need to forgive. That I will always be reminded by the pain and the scratches; thus, in the end, it will always be the best.

4. That there are real people. Some will hurt, but most can also be trusted -and I have them.

Lastly . . .

5. That I have my family and God. That no matter what happens to me, I know that I have my support group or team, that they will never leave me. And mostly, I have God, that I know He knows what is best and more than needed.

And for those, who have been hurt, be reminded that it is only temporary, that you can always come up and let yourself free. That you need to go on and reach for your greatest, that you shall prioritize yourself and what’s lying ahead.

Story by: Anonymous

Photos: Courtesy and Copyright, Free Range Stock,

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