Today, I’m in an island of hopes and will.

I’m in the loop of creeps and tears.

Where everyone else is slept and tired, I am still alive and thrive.

Today, I am struggling with all my dreams.

I’m struggling with all the barriers, walls, rocks, sea, and myself hindering me.

Today, I am crying in the midst of nowhere, in the midst of ruler, under the midst of Luther.

I’m in the middle of something that no one would understand, that no one will ever.

I’m at the edge of the glass, unsure how to bass, at the edge of grace and brace, unsure how to grasp.

And yet today, I still believe from all of this grief.

I believe that no matter how hard it is, I can still keep.

I believe that there’s something within me purposely.

There’s something within my bare soul that everyone should see.

Because I know someday, I will be free, free from anybody.

That someday, I will become somebody.

Somebody that’s totally happy.

Someone with vitality.

Someone who’s fully cheery.

Someone who’s in glee.

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