It’s been almost four years since we have started exploring different ventures and schemes to feed our deepest desires. At first, it was so exciting. We feel that we are so good and optimistic on each and every step.


Juggling between all of our pursuits, after work grind, daily job, responsibilities, new ideas, the weary feeling in getting out of bed, watching television or youtube-ing, the idea of still having tomorrow, people’s opinion and all the other stuff surrounding us really felt so overwhelming — it never became easy.

Thus, attending training or seminar like Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit has always been a hang loose and reminds us that what we are doing are just really normal and we just need to keep on moving.

YES, we just really got more from going #LES2019!

And here are the few of the many takeaways that we hope can help you too:

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#MoreMoneyMoreFreedom 😀

1. WE JUST NEED TO GO OUT, NOTHING ELSE. If we really wanted to fulfill our greatest desire, that “inner voice” within us, we just need to take a step. Erase those negativities we are thinking, our worries and paranoia. We just need to go, no matter what other people may think, no matter what it takes. Anyway, there’s always been the greatest result if we succeed than having a regret.

2. THINK ABOUT THE PURPOSE BEHIND. In pursuing entrepreneurship, it’s not always about the money, rather, it’s about the purpose. There’s no other better thing in this world than helping others, seeing them solved their problems, succeed, and become part of their journey.

3. DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL. Some will doubt. Some will laugh. You will fall down, make mistakes, many mistakes. Whatever it takes, don’t be afraid. Just go and move. You’re only one step away from becoming successful.

4. FOLLOW WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. There’s a saying from Confucius, “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Follow what your heart is screaming, your deepest passion. Remember your God-given talent, your skill that you can definitely share to the world.

If you do not love what you do and you encounter problems, you’ll easily quit.

5. YOU DON’T NEED TO BECOME AN EXPERT. That strong burning desire inside you is enough for you to start. No social norms, no other requirement.

6.  NEVER FORGET YOUR DEEPEST WHY’S. In everything we do, we shall never forget the main reasons why we would like to become somebody. Why we love to have more money, time, and freedom. We think this is the most powerful fuel along the way. Keep dreaming of your success, keep going.

Attending LES was just really amazing and another eye-opener that there are people who really found their purpose to help and support others.

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Finally meet the #LODI 😀

Thank you to all the speakers, especially to our #LODI, Coach Jon Orana.

PS: We had the biggest bonus! We got a big big discount on another exciting program offered during the event only. Wuhooo! 😀


For us and to all those aspiring entrepreneurs, who’ve come a long way already, who took time, lead the efforts, spent some or even more, and to those who ventured out but still, nothing is happening, nothing generates into the freedom, satisfaction, and with even a single accomplishment of a deeper why, always remember,  never ever give up and always take action!

See you on the next LES! 🙂

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