I can still remember the days when Mt. Pinatubo slowly washed our home away.

That year 1991, December for us was a bit hopeless. We spent it in Mindanao since there was a housing program provided to my father as a public servant, knowing that our place in Pampanga was almost gone. No lights, no more busy streets, only heavy rains, and giant mudflows.

And now, it’s been almost 27 years. 27 years of amazing experience from drought and sad memory.

As I reminisce, that Christmas was always memorable. Something that my heart and mind won’t forget. And from that, I always believe that Christmas is about hope.

And now, it’s Christmas season again.

While most are busy having parties, our team decided to have a different theme. No gifts for us, no food or grand program but something simple yet special for the heart of this person – Aling Rosalia.

Who is Aling Rosalia?

Aling Rosalia Ferrer is one of the residents of Barangay Lara, San Fernando City, Pampanga who was featured on local news (Central Luzon TV, CLTV) because of their admiring story – a hard, simple, yet beautiful life.

Their story is really striking and timely letting us decide to conduct an outreach program, given that all of us are also from Pampanga.

December 2, 2018, 9:00 AM

The whole team is ready for a day-filled of greatness.

We, (Rolly, Jun, Ruth, Jensen, Elaine, Jun Oliver) and yours truly decided to meet at Shopwise, San Fernando to drop for a grocery. We bought basic items that we know that the family can immediately use along with some clothes and little monetary gift we have contributed.

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Meet the team! L-R (Ruth, Rolly, Jensen, Elaine, Jun Oliver, and Yours Truly, Keidz)

10AM, Barangay Lara, San Fernando Pampanga, Aling Rosalia’s Place

We arrived at around 10 AM on Aling Rosalia’s place where I and Jun ride in a motorcycle while the rest of the team, on Jensen’s car.

It only took us a twenty-minute drive even though the road is rough and narrow.

As we go down the vehicle, we saw Aling Rosalia standing outside the house with lovely eyes, wearing her usual comfy shirt with her granddaughters.

She immediately assists us as we brought our things inside the house and introduced us to her family, three granddaughters, and in-laws.

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Aling Rosalia’s home
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Aling Rosalia with her family

Of course, we let ourselves feel free and comfortable as well with them.

We ate lunch together with some food mainly beef because we were advised that she has an allergy.

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Hindi po kami nagpopromote. 😀

The day has become extra special when Aling Rosalia opens up and tell some stories about their life, about their daily activities, how she works for her family even at her age.


We were awed by her story and have several deep realizations while she was speaking to us:

(1) That even life challenges us a lot in different aspects, may be at work or even personal, we are so blessed and shall always have a heart of giving back. There are no limits on being kind.

(2) It kept me remember my usual norm of giving some food to needy when I was still working at Makati, Aling Rosalia gives a big impact on me. We all love our mothers and we don’t want to let them be hurt or even felt any difficulty. Always love your parents and make sure to help them no matter what.

(3) We need to live and survive. Life will be so hard, hence, the only option we should keep in mind is to survive. Live and find ways of living your very best!

(4) Always find time to be thankful for every little thing or a blessing because life is so beautiful and worthy.

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We hope that she really is happy with our gifts.

We have realized that truly the most important in this world are those that aren’t seen but felt. Those that feed your heart than your physical notion.

What a  really wonderful day!

We have spent around two to three hours on their place before finally going home and we are deeply thankful for how this outreach goes.

Indeed, Christmas is not always about material things nor gifts. It is about love, grace, and hope that we can fully share with each other.

Happy holidays everyone! 🙂

Hope we’ve inspired you in every little way.

*Story by: Keidz Olalia Yalung

*Written, narrated, and collaboration by: Keidz Olalia Yalung, Joana Adorino, and Julian Anonuevo

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Keidz works as a Quality Assurance Officer in the food industry. He loves gardening and joining volunteering activities whenever opportunities call.

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