“Yehey! 13th month na daw sa Byernes.”

“Finally, ano kayang magandang bilhin or gagawin natin sa pera?”

Two of the most common dialogue we love and countlessly hear at the office and of course who really never wanted? It’s our privilege as an employee and an extra peso in our wallet!

“Haaay ambilis talaga ng pera.  Di ko na maalala san nagastos yung 13th month ko.”

“Ako nga rin eeh.”

However, these two are also some words several days after 13th month that we guess most of us already experienced.

Let’s admit. There are really times we feel guilty and dismayed on the things we’ve spent on the money. There are times that we feel so excited and just go ahead on the first thing that comes in our mind or on what we want.

With this, here are several tips on what you can do on your 13th month pay:

1. PAY OF DEBTS. Never forget to settle and remove this from your to do’s!  Having debt is always a no good!

2. OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT. If you are keeping money at home or in your wallet, consider opening a bank account. You may choose if you’ll open an account with atm only or atm with passbook depending on your goal. There are also some banks offering individual accounts for both.

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Always be reminded of this cutie little pig, to always save some! Improve your personal finance.

3. PUT A PORTION ON EMERGENCY FUND.  Since 13th month serves as an extra. It’s time to add some on your E. Fund or savings too! Go go go!

4. If you already have enough savings or Emergency Fund, why not INVEST SOME. There are plenty of options on where to grow your money and somehow beat the growing inflation. You may choose to open a mutual fund or a stock investment, still depending on your risk appetite or again—goal. You may want to check this article if you wanted to pursue stock investment. Boost your retirement budget!

5. GET INSURANCE. Nothing is permanent and getting this one can be an option too. Try checking out the most!

6. EXPLORE HEALTHCARE. You may want to add some coverage even though most of us, employees are already covered. There are tons of options nowadays healthcare companies are offering. Some can also be used as one-time and do not require a large amount of money.

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We just paid our healthcare! Thank you 13th month! 🙂

7. GIVE SOME TO OTHERS. Everyday can be a Christmas Day. And giving in any amount always means a million. Why not join a charity event, donate, or even organize your own. It can even be at your own place. What matter is you have shared some and let someone smile.

8. ATTEND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING OR SEMINAR. Why not venture different things on a weekend or on your rest day. Resources have been abundant nowadays. Go and unleash yourself.

9. TIME TO MONETIZE YOUR HOBBY. Maybe you wanted to push your passion to the next level. Try to put that money up as small capital to start up. This website will always be a reminder on where we have put our bonus! Yieeeh! 

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One of the most special gifts we gave ourselves is to have investments. This is in Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) where we daydream of sitting here someday. Hihi!

10. After all, of course, do not forget yourself. We all know that we fought so hard this year and almost everyday. It’s time to finally GIVE YOURSELF A SPECIAL GIFT YOU ARE LONGING.

11. MAKE SOMEONE ELSE’S DREAM COME TRUE.  All of us have a dream of dreaming of pushing someone else’s dream. As a daughter, parent, or a friend, we all have this desire of giving what they want. It can be a simple air condition unit requested by your Mom, a planner, a shirt, or even a special dinner. It means a lot!

12.  Aside from investing through mutual funds or stocks, INVESTING ON SOME SELF-HELP RESOURCE  also matters. It can be a book or a podcast. Time to let those worries fly away every single day! Reading and listening help a lot.

13. And finally, we think one of the favorites is to TRAVEL.  Hike, go to a beach. Treat yourself. Connect with nature. Unload those year-round nerves in your mind.

Note: The tips you have read are based on our experience. These are friendly reminders only but are not obliging you to do all or so. 

Get rid of those excuses. Let’s make it happen.

No matter how much a 13th month or any bonuses you’ll get. It may be a little or much, there’s always a way of finding great things you’ll be spending it.

Bonus Tip: Write on your journal on where you have spend your bonus, it’ll melt your heart after some time! We have done it!

Hope we have helped you! 🙂

Happy 13th month!

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