Life is a Lesson – Everything Happens for a Reason

Life is all about taking chances.
It is all about choosing what we want.
It is all about feeding what we hunger, leading who we are.
Bringing all our thoughts, living on our visions.

Most of the time, we pick the most life can bid. We pick the most life can give. We pick the most life can offer. We pick the most life can deal with.
We wanted a serene feeling. We wanted everything.
We wanted something that can uplift our spirit, feel high up to the sky.
We wanted a touch of assertion. We wanted a dash of declaration.

But sometimes, life chumps us. Life fools us. Life dumps us, and life even breaks us.
That sometimes when hard time comes, we feel bad, we feel ruthless.
We are depraved.
We feel that life is so cruel in giving such.

Until one day realizing that life only teaches us something — that life isn’t about everything what we want, but all about compelling what we need.
That life is all about choosing what we want, at the same time, living in contemplation.
That sometimes, life is just about staying up to where we should be, and dig deep for we to succeed.
That life is all about us, learning as we grow.

That life is a lesson.
And everything happens for a reason.

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