Puerto Galera Weekend Getaway (April 23-24, 2016)

The brilliant water, the oozing sun and sand, the illuminating view and vibrant island, the pulsating lively night, the fresh air, the water spree, the burnt skin, and everything — it was all worth-taking!

Finally! After planning, asking, searches and explorations, postponing, fickle-mindedness, changing destination and all, our planned yet unplanned trip indeed came true!

Day 1 (April 23, 2016)

We had ridden a bus (Goldstar) at Gil Puyat –Taft at around seven-thirty in the morning. It takes almost two and a half hours (including the traffic) upon arriving at Batangas Port where we need to buy a banca ticket going to White Beach Puerto Galera itself. We bought ticket at ‘Father and Sons’ at one thousand pesos for two (which is already a round trip) plus sixty pesos terminal fee (you may see our total expenses below). As usual, we have taken this as this is better plus it’s a hassle-free. We don’t need to think over on how we are going back and disturbed our vacation. With the ticket, you may book ahead on different shipping lines (like Minolo) or just like us, gone by and simply ask at the area on how to. Well anyways, all of them are kind and accommodating.

Boat ride took around one and a half hour. If it will be your first time, we suggest you to  take meds for all the waves and shakes at the water.

And here yah go! We’re finally here!

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White Beach Arrival / Departure Area

Arriving at the White Beach (around twelve noon), we had look into our contact for our accommodation, Ms. Mitch whom we just met at the Two Monkeys Travel Forum. Thank you so much Mitch for finding a good place for us just exactly fitted to our budget! Plus another thanks for bringing us to the nearest Grocery (Parkway, just a few walk from the lodge, at the back of the beachfront) where we have bought water and other food for our stay. You may always drop by a grocery first for some food just enough for the stay rather than buying once in a while at different stores. This may save you a cost!

Though we have read articles or blogs before going, we have decided to just check the deals or other activities that we can do upon reaching in so we can compare and ‘make tawad’ if possible, though we are only two. Well anyway, our main purpose is to really relax and regain from all the stresses at the city.

After buying some groceries, we really plan to walk along, watch the beach or check packages offered by the locals. Enjoy the clear blue water, the people with their full smile under the heat of the sun.  But wait, guess whom we’ve bumped with? Uncle for their company outing! Haha! So we’ve also guess that it’s going to be an additional fun!

And because of this, we eventually joined them for the rest of the afternoon. Here’s where we’ve gone:

Snorkeling/Giant Clams/Underground Cave

From White beach, we took a tricycle for fifty pesos (maximum of four persons per tricycle) to reach the port for our island hopping. For the boat, they can accommodate seven persons for one thousand five hundred pesos and additional three hundred pesos for every additional person (up to nine persons per boat only). The boat brought us to the area were we need to rent another small boat that will bring us to the Underground Cave, and snorkeling or giant clams viewing. These three costs six hundred pesos, but if you only wanted to check out one activity, each will cost three hundred pesos. Maximum of three persons can ride the small boat. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to bring our cameras since it could possibly fall at the water. Just that we don’t have a Go-pro or any other waterproof camera. Maybe next timeee! 🙁

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View going to the Underground Cave, Snorkeling, and Giant Clams


With the view, the cold water at the cave, the different species under the water, the blue sky, the waves greeting us and all, was a hearty light at all.

Bayanan Island

It was around five in the afternoon when we arrive at Bayanan Island. Bayanan Island is a plain long white beach where you can just simply relax and swim while watching the sunset. The water is calm and quiet. We’ve really enjoyed it!

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The peaceful view of Bayanan Island

Upon arrival at the White Beach, we eat dinner at ‘Foodtrip sa Galera’ (something that most of the visitors goes into). Food is good. Average price ranges from 100 to 150 pesos per meal. Most are at unlimited rice!

Right after, we have gone through the room to clean ourselves, take a bit rest, and go out again. White Beach is like a mini Boracay, one near to Manila. Night is also lively that people can enjoy the most. You can take some beers with very much entertaining performers or you may watch the fire dancers (which is also our first time) all out giving their special exhibitions which are really astounding. You may also take pictures with them striking at their very best, have the massage somewhere or at the sand and lastly, as always, swim especially if you’re afraid of the sun. We have really enjoyed the night! A well spent day indeed!

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A beautiful sunset heading back to the White Beach from Islang Hopping

Day 2 (April 24, 2016)

Waking up at five-thirty in the morning, we have immediately go out to take our breakfast and witness the sunrise. Again, we ate at Foodtrip sa Galera. We have walked along but it seems this is the only one open with many meal options. Most are still closed, maybe because of last night.  Well it’s fine with us since we have also enjoyed watching the beach, taking bread and coffee while waiting for our meal (because it seems all are here).

Since we will be leaving by 4:30 PM, we have just enjoyed swimming for the rest of the morning and also tried jet-skiing. Another first time!

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Aside from Jet Skiing, you can also try different water activities such as Banana Boating, Kayaking or even Parasailing.


Goldstar, Gil Puyat to Batangas Port ₱ 352.00
Batangas Port to White Beach, Puerto Galera  ₱ 1000. 00
Terminal Fee (Batangas Port) ₱ 60.00
Room Rental (Overnight) ₱ 1500.00
Grocery at Parkway ₱ 165.00
Island Hopping ₱ 1280.00
Jet Ski ₱ 1000.00
Terminal Fee at White Beach ₱ 20.00
Batangas Port to Gil Puyat, Manila ₱ 334.00
Total Expenses ₱ 5711.00 / 2855.50 each

 We actually find our expenses to be already lower since we still saved some from our original budget. But anyway, it always depends on how you’ll treat it. So be it!

All we know is all the scorch after the weekend was really worth-taking.  Another memory to take!

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Till next time!

Till next time!

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