A Letter to My Worry-self

Dear Joana,

I know you’ve been bombarded with your what if’s for the past three weeks right now. I know your heart and mind are battling on the things that you wanted to do, things that you consider positively, things that you may lose, or even be left. I know you are thinking too much. You are worrying and living less for the past important hours. You are thinking the people around you, what they may say or what they could do. I feel that you are also worrying with you are currently having. You are worried and afraid that it may be a lost one, a lost case.

Joana, you know that you are at your best and that is only a challenge. You know that everything comes with a greater purpose. Remember that there would be no one who knows all, except you. Never let the situation or someone dictate you. I know that you’ve also sought advice for more than ten times, you’ve talked to many, listen, yet, still in confusion. Remember, all of them are right so never let anybody make your future, let it be you and only you.

Don’t worry so much Joana, always think that you have enough. Think of those you have already accomplished, the things that you have dreamt, made real, and continue doing so. Always remember that goals and priorities vary from person to person, every mind, every heart. Think BIG and VAGUE Joana! Think back on your biggest why’s, dig deeper and you’ll be eased.

Life is beautiful. Live it! Don’t be afraid. Make it happen. You know it within yourself.


Goodluck!  🙂


Yourself  ♥ ♥ ♥

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