I have been attending series of seminars for the past three months at the Wealth Academy (a program about financial education) and I have learned so many ideas, concepts, and practices that will surely lead how to succeed in life and enjoy the abundance our creator has given us.

I have also watched and listened to great speakers and mentors, to mention some (Mr. Fitz Villafuerte, Jaime Lorenzo, Noel Arandilla, Rex Mendoza, Dave Sagarit and Mr. Lyndon Malanog) and I am always amazed and empowered after each and every talk. Above all, I have learned that there are three powerful steps that we need to do for one’s dream really come true.

1. HAVE THE DESIRE, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and SET YOUR GOALS– We need to visualize all the things that we wanted and we dream in life. Writing is the best way how to start with. Keep writing all your goals (be specific—means with timeline), and also keep digging the reasons why you wanted to do this, why you wanted to reach it. Emotional why is the finest way to keep you pushing into the top. Believe in yourself, think about it every day, stick with it, and keep your heart into it.

2. GETTING STARTED– As usually said, you wouldn’t know until you haven’t seen it, until you decide to get started. This may sounds strange at first, it may seem rocky and risky but it will show that one is really committed to do something better for him/herself. Again, believe in yourself. Once you have started, congratulations! We just need to;

3. KEEP GOING– Keep into what you are doing, continuously and positively. Do not give up into your dreams until you haven’t reached it. There will be great hindrances that will go along the way, but it will be the best feeling once you’ve get into it!

As said by Estee Lauder, ‘the key to success is to work on it’.

These steps may not be the perfect one, but I believe that with these, one can make it as long as he lean himself into shower of success!

Prosperous coming year to all of us!

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