Alaminos Getaway (May 17-18,2014)

From the week we have set the date for Alaminos getaway, can’t wait for that day comes. Keeping posted on the calendar while sitting at the office, thinking how fun would it be, perceiving how it would come along, and conceptualizing that it will surely leave a perfect precious memory. 🙂

Friday (May 16, 2014)

Last day of the office, everyone’s excited for the latter’s evening trip. We do chat (Krutz, Huey, Dea, and Min—my colleagues and friends of course!) regarding each other’s plan for weekend. And once the clock ticked to 1700H, I quickly pack my things and leave rigorously, picturing out tomorrow’s adventure! Arriving at home, we just got dinner, prepare things,and leave around 10:30 PM. Meeting place: McDonald’s 24/7 near LRT station (Araneta Center Cubao); 2400H. All are ready as we arrive at the place. Our apology for delaying the itenary for 5 minutes.Hehe. It was really the taxi driver’s fault! 😐 Before anything else, Nice meeting you all — Erik, Venzor, Ahvoc with his wife Ate Honey, and Ron. Plus my sister-Jacque, Louise, my friend-Poty, and my boyfriend (Mr.Organizer of the trip)-Julian! And…Casting complete!

We rented a van since we’re somehow many and for everyone’s comfort. To stretch, in some way rest and be ready as the sun rises. It took almost five hours of travel before reaching the destination. Chat, eat, and sleep. Bye for a while Manila!


Day 1 (May 17, 2014)

How awesome to start the day having a boodle feast for breakfast! Thanks Tito Celso for waking up too early. 🙂

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Everyone enjoyed the food I guess specially with the Longganisang Alaminos which is one of the proud of the province- with its distinctive and zesty taste, and the use of toothpick as divider to the segments. Alaminos is a fourth class city in the Province of Pangasinan and is bounded by the municipalities of Sual, Bani, and Mabini. It was my third time to go with the province and I do love coming so. The breeze of the fresh air, the atmosphere of a true environment, an escape from the urban noise—what a pleasing serene feeling! And I guess, everyone appreciate the same as clearly seen. We just took a little bit rest after delightful breakfast, preparation, and we left for the island adventure. It took for about 10 to 15 minutes only as we arrived at the coast.
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1st Stop:Governor’s Island
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Perfect View! We’ve been to Governor’s Island as our first stop. Who could amazingly say that the steps behind tiredness upstairs are pretty commendable? It’s really worthy! A flawless picture of hundred islands up to heat of the sun and each and every one.
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Let’s have some trivias! The islands totaling 124 at low tide and 123 at high tide are scattered in Lingayen Gulf covering an area of 16.76 square kilometres (6.47 sq mi). The islands are believed to be about two million years old. They are actually ancient corals that extend well inland, in an area previously comprising the seabed of an ancient sea. The lowering of the sea level has exposed them to the surface. The peculiar “mushroom-like” shapes of some of the islands were caused by the eroding action of the ocean waves. And you could view it at the island’s peak. How nice to stay here. You could also experience a shallow cave within the island.

2nd Stop: Marcos Island

The sun strikes very hot but it doesn’t matter, it’s the value of being at the place where you wanted and waited to be in. What we love the most in this island is jumping in the cave! Haha. Yeah! Jumping in the cave. Of course having a life vest except for Poty who used to be a seaman. So it’s a given perfect fun for him already. We need to go up of the island and fall in line to get off and jump. There are many tourists who wanted to experience this so I think it’s better if we should jump ASAP but it really never happens. As a first timer, of course, certain nervousness is there though. Girls keep on pushing with each other who will try first, and next, and who will be the last, but it seems everyone’s wanted to be the last. However, after a long wait, at last! It’s still successful!
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Who dares to join and have the jumping experience with us?

3rd Stop: Children’s Island

We tried to check whether we could have an available cottage at the Quezon Island but unfortunately, there was none. The island was very crowded so we decided to stay on the 3rd island destination.

We do, set up our tents to keep all our things. Good that we have two tents for our stay. Thanks Ron and Kuya Marvin Sarmiento for sponsoring so! Thanks also that most has already an experience in an overnight trip, then there’s no awful time of spending at the island. Our first time seems really perfect! For our lunch: inihaw na tilapia with kamatis at sili, with adobong manok. Yes! We brought a cooler where we store these foods. 🙂
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Day 2 (May 18, 2014)

After a good sleep at the tent, it’s time to get up and pack things already. Time to leave the island and be ready for another trip. We brought several canned goods and noodles so we take this as our breakfast.

1st Stop: Quezon Island

Finally! We’ve also been to Quezon Island. There were still many people at the place, those who just arrive and those who spend overnight. And we shouldn’t miss to take picture on the main island spot.

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2nd Stop: Snorkeling

This is also a first-time so this is very exciting for us. We sure have a life vest and there are also ropes within the area where you can rely on and use as a stream. Observing underwater attraction was really awesome. Taking the chance to be with the fishes and other creatures is a casual appreciation how beautiful nature is. We also spent little time to buy pasalubong once we get off the boat. Then, we go home for a while, little rest, and prepare food for the side trip. Falls–Another first time. Going to Bolinao Falls is kinda rocky, but still fine. Thanks to Kuya driver who never complain going to the place. As we get off, we still need to walk down to reach the falls area. As we arrived at the cottage, everyone’s craving for lunch I guess. The water is kinda deep so we just stay on the side except for those who are good swimmer. Anyways, there’s also a big rock at the middle of water where we can stay at.

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We left the province at around 4PM. Though all seems to be tired with the two long day adventure—the van still sounds full of stories for all the experiences brought by the trip. This is very haunting–the food, the first tries, the place, and most specially the memory, and meeting new friends. Till next time guys! By the way, did you enjoy our adventure pictures and story? If you wanted to have an awesome Island spree like us, you may leave your comment here and I’ll give you the perfect contact person either. You may also visit Makayon Grill House Facebook Page.

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