It’s been a while when I was just writing on a piece of paper on your past birthdays. In a card, sticky notes, post it, at the back of a picture either. Yes, you know I love writing! It’s in writing I can express everything; it’s in writing I can find my soul, soul in the deepest where I can find my gestures. And it’s in writing I could convey my deepest feeling.

I always wanted to be remembered.

Happy happy birthday! May this piece remind you that you are and will always be special to me. You may keep this and visit my page every day. Read and reread. Stay handsome (yuhooo! :D), proud, wise, generous, vocal and kind.

May God bless you always with a brave heart, mind and body, focus, patience, precious gifts you asked for, friends who will never leave you throughout, financial freedom, a car, more shoes, beats, a field—sports field (I believe you wanted to have a business like this someday), and a good job as sources of funds!

Keep improving.

Keep dreaming.

Believe and everything will happen!

PS: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We’ve been this far. Good times and bad, happiness and sadness. For all the people who serve as our inspiration for this relationship, it’s my and our pleasure.

I will always be here to help you always, and bring out the best in you.

Let’s keep planning. Let’s keep investing for our future. Let’s enjoy. Try new things, eat, travel north, travel south, travel Philippines, and afterwards, travel the world. I’m sure this will all happen. Let’s keep finding reasons to stay still. I hope I inspire you in every aspect I have shared and continuously sharing. Let’s keep our faith and God will always bless our relationship… 🙂

Cheers to us!

I love you! <3

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