Yes! Julian and I bought our first two stocks last week, May 22, 2014 (11:55AM). Sabi nga ni Bo Sanchez, everyone ought to be rich!

And I am very much excited for this, should I say EXPERIENCE and as well instrument to be future-ready. I feel so much secured as I open my online account; tick the boxes in buying stock and ordering as well. It’s as if I already feel rich even it’s just my first day on the first place. Thanks Bo for guiding me so! 🙂

BE INDULGED IN STOCK MARKET—this is what’s written on the 2nd page of my Starbucks planner (gift given by my boyfriend last January 02, 2014). I already wrote this last year but I fail to do it, and at last! Now, I am playing into the stock market, not being a trader but being an investor. It’s been going three years since I started working. And finally this time, I have already an outlet on how to manage and prepare with my future. I really wanted and very eager on working on how to be financially-free. I never dream about having so much money, but just having some to afford all the things that would help as I explore and enjoy life, and to help and share happiness with my family.

Being rich doesn’t means having too much money. It always means that you are happy. Each person has their own unique way of feeling satisfied but most of the times; money is usually involved on it.

Do you want to live being happy and worry-free about what future would seem to be?

Start living below your means, read books, smile, meet people, and try thinking about the forthcoming. Start asking yourself. Do I really need such thing? What am I going to do this? Is it worthy? Would this satisfy me? What would this give me? Will this be an asset, or rather a liability? Start investing for your future now and search for the feelings you’ve been looking for a long time!

Do not just save, INVEST! 🙂

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